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Recent content by Greneey

  1. Greneey

    How-To Channel Collaboration for a ~75 min "Just Chatting" Livestream

    User name: Greneey Title: Collaboration for a ~75 min "Just Chatting" Livestream Age: 24 Type of collaboration: I do weekly "Just chatting" Livestreams and would love to have new faces on the stream from time to time to have interesting conversations with. (Family Friendly) You need to have...
  2. Greneey

    What is your dream setup?

    Lately, I was toying around with some Sony PMW-F5, PDW-700, PXW-FS5 and PXW-FS7. And I have to say an FS7 as run and gun setup could be pretty handy. My "realistic" dream right now is a Sony "a7s3" or "FS7". For my DREAM camera... that would be a "Arri Alexa". (Just imagine vlogging on that ->...
  3. Greneey

    Life Ever ate something but later regretted it?

    Every freaking time.
  4. Greneey

    Camera Gear Switch Pod! Joby gorillapod killer?

    Nah 100% not for me. I need to be able to attach the camera to "unusual" terrain/situations. The Joby, with his flexible arms, just offer exactly that. Also, the biggest Joby I own is strong enough to hold even a rigged camera.
  5. Greneey

    Answered Unable to register

    I had the same Problem. It also happens when you want to log in. If you register by using Google it should work. Otherwise, I would not be here ;)
  6. Greneey

    What focal length are you shooting at these days?

    We are speaking about a Crop-Sensor right? Otherwise, this would be extremely wide!
  7. Greneey

    Bought my first "editing" computer, my wife is gonna kill me

    Well it's not like I would recommend this. But what a friend of mine did a few years ago, when he still went to school, he cancelled the subscription and created a brand new one. I don't know if this is still possible but back in the days, it was.
  8. Greneey

    Bought my first "editing" computer, my wife is gonna kill me

    Oh yeh! I can remember the good old days when I was eligible for the EDU version! Back then in the CS4 days :D Apple MacBook Pro - Yes it is expensive but I never had a better mobile editing experience. (Yes I do work off of an external SSD using proxies). I had many Windows Laptops even...
  9. Greneey

    Where are you from?

    Hello guys! Well I am from the beautiful Alps of Switzerland :D
  10. Greneey

    What focal length are you shooting at these days?

    Well, I started to go 50mm to 70mm once I learned that the human eye is around 50mm. Nowadays I started to play around with other focal lengths. For example, I did start using my 14mm (full frame) more and more often for talking Livestreams. I know never ever go wide-angle on a portrait but I...
  11. Greneey

    Editing Software Video Editing Software (paid)

    Yeh well. That's the kind of background info I was looking for at your first post. Well yes, it is true. Premiere Pro does include a feature to synchronize clips by audio. It usually works fine if I sync 2 clips. But as soon as I want to sync more than two clips its starting to become a pain in...
  12. Greneey

    What will be your next lens?

    Well, that's a hard question. My next lens for my "Toy-box" would be a Entaniya HAL 250. Yet a Sony FE 24mm F1.4 GM will be more usable in everyday life.
  13. Greneey

    Editing Software Video Editing Software (paid)

    Hey Nick. I will not make a recommendation for a specific software because you haven't provided little to no information about what's important to you. Yet I will share my thoughts on "editing"-software in general. Often I read stuff like "I bought software XY so my videos will be better now."...