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Recent content by Brave Starr

  1. Brave Starr

    YouTube SEO youtube analistics

    Saran terbaik yang dapat saya berikan adalah memeriksa analitik YouTube Anda untuk video ini dan melihat mengapa video tersebut tidak berkinerja lebih baik. Mungkin jangkauan tag berubah. YouTube berubah sepanjang waktu dan terkadang Anda harus berubah dengan YouTube. The best advice I can give...
  2. Brave Starr

    YouTube Question I Need Some Help With Video Ideas

    Well, here's an idea based on other types of channels that took an art and turned it into something else. Lindsey Stirling is a violinist who also does amazing dances while she plays and she incorporates stories to her dances with cosplay and even collabs. Not sure if you can incorporate music...
  3. Brave Starr

    Gear Advice iPhone13 for vlogging?

    Wow, that's an impressive camera and looks pretty small considering what it does. I may just have to bookmark that one for a future consideration. I got myself a Canon M50 as an improvement over my Logitech C920 webcam but soon after realized something I didn't know was a thing with these kinds...
  4. Brave Starr

    YouTube Help BY creation video

    Achchhee saamagree banaen jo log dekhana chaahate hain. Yah itana aasaan hai.
  5. Brave Starr

    YouTube News hello tubeBuddy

    If you need help with your channel you need to ask specific questions that you need help with so that our members can help with your questions. Remember, the goal is to help members with issues they have. This isn't a school to teach you how to be a creator. If you need guidance it's best if you...
  6. Brave Starr

    YouTube Question How to bring subscribers?

    Make good content people want to watch and then convince them it worth subscribing to get more of that content. There's no guarantee it will work but it's the best plan out there. There's no shortcut, secret or trick to this other than cheating which will only get your channel deleted by YouTube...
  7. Brave Starr

    TubeBuddy Excellent Results

    I know this feeling. I actually wanted to make money off Youtube but I know what I want to create will not bring in the money I would love to see. I just am not good enough to compete against the likes of Markiplier and Pewdie Pie in the gaming genre. But I do have ideas for content that can be...
  8. Brave Starr

    TubeBuddy Excellent Results

    TubeBuddy is not magic, it's not secret sauce, it's not a cheat code to make you the next Pewdie Pie or MKBHD overnight. It's not a pay to win program. TubeBuddy is a toolbox, like the ones you can use to fix a car engine. But if you fail to fix the engine or make the problem worse, it's not...
  9. Brave Starr

    TubeBuddy Excellent Results

    I don't need a remote to change the channels on my TV. But it's convenient not to stand up. I don't need a bank card to buy stuff at the store. But it's easier than carrying cash around. I don't need a car to get to places. But it is faster than a bus and cheaper than a taxi. I certainly don't...
  10. Brave Starr

    YouTube Question I am getting a lot of Dislikes on my latest videos, what is happening?

    Is the comment section reflecting the dislikes you're getting? That could be a good indicator if it's legit dislikes or if it's trolls messing with your channel.
  11. Brave Starr

    YouTube SEO 250 Words In Description?

    The first 100 to 150 characters of your video description will show up on searches so make sure those have the most value with good SEO, keywords and such for better chances of views. You can use templates that can help maintain your description boxes neat, organized and can help ensure to hit...
  12. Brave Starr

    YouTube Tips Your Highest Viewed Videos Are Trying To Telling You Something

    In case you haven't been paying attention, you might want to check your video list on your channel because your highest performing videos are trying to tell you something about your channel. I've gone through some member's channels looking to see how their content fairs and sometimes I notice...
  13. Brave Starr

    Channel Review Hi guys newbie here looking for some advice on how to grow my channel please.

    Hello @Stevet , This post has been locked because it does not follow the rules of this section. Please update the Link to other review post: with a link to a post you made on someone else review post. Also please make sure it's a proper response to their review post and not just a simple "it...
  14. Brave Starr

    YouTube Tips Writing Titles & formatting of Titles

    Here's my thoughts on each point. 1) I believe this is meant to get attention and it can sometimes work but comes off trying too hard. 2) I find this to be lazy and that is a big turn off for me. 3) That's how I like to do it. It gives me the sense of a title. A way to separate it from regular...
  15. Brave Starr

    YouTube Help I have been inactive on my channel in last month. Will youtube de-rank my videos because of inactivity?

    Let me first ask this. Why were you inactive for a month? I've been inactive on my channel for nearly 3 years now. Personal problems have kept me from creating content. But, I always stayed on top of learning about Youtube so when I do get to uploading again I'll have more knowledge.