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Fo$t Da Gama

Hope Ya'll enjoy my game playthroughs and other content. Certain Playthroughs are 45 minutes to a hour. While some like my lucid9 series are 25-30 minutes in length, I voice over text when ever I have to for more dramatic effect but I also have fun with it. My sh!!'s not perfect but that's what I usually strive for anyway, imperfection.
My Channel Trailer is my top moments for October too.

Channel is Fost Da Gama and my link should be in that red box

  • Aggressive at times
  • Chilled most times
  • Versatile-Comedy(jokes for the jocks, nerds, hood folk, and those with intelligence as well)
  • Goes off the top(Improv comedy basically nothing really scripted even when I edited i put a clip in that I didn't notice or just found after my recordings).
  • Reactions are genuine
  • Weird at times
  • Advising at times
  • Voices over dialog with no voices(Uses different voices)
  • Does RPG and other single player games
  • Born in 1993( So I was still around for a lot of things but I'm not crazy old)
  • Smart with clip usage
  • Will drop a playthrough if he doesn't like a game(I've done it)
  • No Ads 99% of the time
  • Easily reachable
  • Has Vlogs
  • Has mini-storytimes(non-animated)
  • Video's are decent to long length
  • Thinks like a Youtuber watcher at times
  • 98% of the time watches his on premieres( I do recording in sessions and few edits so rewatching my work is never a issue).
  • May watch his subscribers' work when possible
  • Shows love and shoutouts
  • Has Discord
  • Post has been consistent so far
  • Learns rather quick
  • Doesn't hate
  • Honest
  • Not in it for the money(Though I wouldn't mind)
  • Never changing

Cons(From what I notice):
  • Inexperience as far as editing and and live streaming
  • Vids can drag on sometimes(use a skip button, who complains about long videos when just about everybody's phone play is better than mine lol)
  • Gets off subject and sometimes struggles with reading professor level words
  • Talks with slang a lot
  • Thinks like a Youtuber watcher at times
  • Will drop a playthrough if he doesn't like a game(I've done it but it's cause me to be more selective with games).
  • Doesn't really do multiplayer or mmo games
  • Doesn't hate
  • Honest
  • Ok Fost you gotta be lying about that those last two pros(I'm not but whatever. Your opinion is yours and I hear it constantly)
Jan 26, 1993 (Age: 31)
New Jersey