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Conspiracy & Lies

We report UFO sightings & Alien sightings from our loyal followers/readers and the people of the world on our popular blog. Conspiracy & Lies upload UFO videos daily. We have lots of Alien contact videos and footage. What is the Illuminati, you'll find Illuminati answers here. The New World Order is also talked about on our website/blog.
We have lots of examples of Martian artefacts and just plain Alien exhibit's that are a mystery creating thought provoking responses from our loyal readers.
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North West England, United Kingdom
Researcher & Ufologist. Truth activist


Introduction :imp:
Conspiracy Lie wants to open up the gap between conspiracies and the truth. You will find something here that you did not know. Delve right in and comment, subscribe, follow. Get involved, thanks. We try our best to get information right and try our best to bring it to you as fast as possible. Conspiracies are vast, long, complicated and sometimes they are just to vague in credible information and witnesses testimonies. That's where we come in and try to sort out the mess? Like any other respectable conspiracy theory investigators, we always turn over every stone so-to-speak? Without you we couldn't do our work, so thank you so much. If you have a UFO sighting, you can report it here. :scream::skull::imp: