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Hey everyone, Kimtana here!

I'm a new YouTuber with a gaming/geekery channel.

My channel's focuses:
-Providing a place where people can be encouraged and entertained
-Making PG videos--no swearing, vulgarity, etc--so that my videos are appropriate for most ages
-Spotlighting indie developer games--they make amazing games, most of them are free, so why not show them to you! Then you can play them for yourself!
-A commitment for charity--I want to host charity live streams and donate Super Chats when I reach 1K subs to help this hurting, broken world, and I need YOU to help me achieve that.
-Creating a place where we work to help make this world a better place, and we do so as an amazing community that helps each other and those around us!

What my channel includes:
-Mostly Let's Play videos (seriously, like, 97% of it, lol)
-A Pokemon Nuzlocke series
-a few How-to-make videos
-Variety to come in the future, including vlogs, reviews, theories, and more

Thanks for watching, liking, sharing, and subscribing! I really appreciate it!
Dec 7, 1978 (Age: 41)
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