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    Entertainment Channel intro

    Welcome to TubeBuddy @Nature MC
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    Need Advice Videos Created 'Based' On Other's Articles? COPYRIGHT RISK?

    It would like be writing an essay. I would say include information that you believe is relevant and something you want your audience to know about. Take that information and say it in your own words, like @Redspan said. That way, you aren't committing entirely to paraphrasing. Once you've...
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    Need Advice Add a 'robot voice' reading video text? YAY or NAY?

    Why use a robotic voice when you have your own voice? I don't see the point of using a robotic voice unless you're that shy, or that lazy to speak through a microphone.
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    YouTube News How can i increase my traffic?

    I didn't think LinkedIn would be an option in terms of advertising your videos. Pretty interesting to know now that it's a viable option.
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    Need Advice Meta Tag advice

    This is how I usually order my tags when I type them up for every video: Order of Tag Categories: Specific Specific-Compound Compound Generic Generic-Compound Game-Specific Specific keywords are those that are usually single-worded, and they can be your channel name, a genre, or a brand...
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    YouTube News How can i increase my traffic?

    I've never used Reddit to advertise my YouTube channel, but I don't think I'll be using it anytime soon because of reports of trolls and harassers from that outlet. Have you tried using Facebook? Twitter perhaps? I use both of those, and they're handy when it comes to advertisement because not...
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    Need Advice Problem: My viewers are 100% male

    Regardless of the choice made, I wish you the best for your YouTube channel and your future endeavors. Given that a situation such as this came up in your mind, I'm sure you will do well as time goes on. Hoping for the best!
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    SHIP-BUILDING MASTERCLASS | Galactic Shipwright - First Look!

    And that's why I like trying out Indie games. You never know what creative and entertaining pieces of art people make unless you see them, and if they're videogames, try them.
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    Need Advice Problem: My viewers are 100% male

    To be honest, what's kind of sad is that nowadays, a large percentage of today's online audience, for both YouTube and, mainly consist of males with a twisted, immature mind. While I think online, female YouTubers and Twitch streamers deserve just as much attention as men do, the...
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    YouTube Question I Reached 1k Subscribers But yet i don't get any mail from Youtube!

    I didn't know you get e-mail for reaching 1k subscribers on YouTube. Was this always a thing?
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    SHIP-BUILDING MASTERCLASS | Galactic Shipwright - First Look!

    I can't build ships worth a damn, but I love this game to bits. View:
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    YouTube News Viewers, not subscribers?

    In general, it's important to understand that many people on YouTube have a large number of channels they've subscribed to for various reasons. Like @Craig Payne said above, the least that you could do @Hyrule'sSentinel is remind them about your channel at the beginning and end of videos your...
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    YouTube News How to gain more Subscriber?????

    Are you sure it's just about the subscribers? Why not consider the overall growth, quality, and health of your YouTube channel? To me, those three characteristics matter more to a YouTube channel when accounting for success, monetization, and positive reputation. While subscribers are...
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    Need Advice Difficult for New YouTubers to Gain an Audience?

    That's everyone's ideal audience :D
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    Channel Milestone Reached 1,000,000 Views

    Congrats @Jedha Patrol. May the next years for you be fortuitous.