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    Entertainment Channel intro

    Welcome to TubeBuddy @Nature MC
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    Seeking Advice Videos Created 'Based' On Other's Articles? COPYRIGHT RISK?

    It would like be writing an essay. I would say include information that you believe is relevant and something you want your audience to know about. Take that information and say it in your own words, like @Redspan said. That way, you aren't committing entirely to paraphrasing. Once you've...
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    Educational Channel New member

    Hey @Adrian Deacon! Welcome to TubeBuddy! If you don't mind, can you share a little more about yourself? We're all one huge community-family here and would like to know you a little bit more.
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    Music Channel Newbie

    I would ask you the question: are you sure that's your only motive for being on YouTube?
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    How-To Channel 3 Manga Artists, New to YouTube~!

    Welcome to TubeBuddy @Suchiko. Three-dimensional virtual art, you say? That sounds quite interesting. Is this for freelance, or projects you're working on, perhaps? I'm quite interested.
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    Seeking Advice Add a 'robot voice' reading video text? YAY or NAY?

    Why use a robotic voice when you have your own voice? I don't see the point of using a robotic voice unless you're that shy, or that lazy to speak through a microphone.
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    Question How can i increase my traffic?

    I didn't think LinkedIn would be an option in terms of advertising your videos. Pretty interesting to know now that it's a viable option.
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    Seeking Advice Meta Tag advice

    This is how I usually order my tags when I type them up for every video: Order of Tag Categories: Specific Specific-Compound Compound Generic Generic-Compound Game-Specific Specific keywords are those that are usually single-worded, and they can be your channel name, a genre, or a brand...
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    Question How can i increase my traffic?

    I've never used Reddit to advertise my YouTube channel, but I don't think I'll be using it anytime soon because of reports of trolls and harassers from that outlet. Have you tried using Facebook? Twitter perhaps? I use both of those, and they're handy when it comes to advertisement because not...
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    Gaming Channel G'day there! :

    Welcome to TubeBuddy @Lachlan Orton. I like the Suggested Tags tool as well; it really does help out, so much that it has become prime whenever I upload videos.
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    Happy Birthday, Damon.

    Happy Late-Birthday, Damon! Just found out today.
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    Lifestyle Channel New to TubeBuddy

    Welcome to TubeBuddy @Sarasayshi.
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    Seeking Advice Problem: My viewers are 100% male

    Regardless of the choice made, I wish you the best for your YouTube channel and your future endeavors. Given that a situation such as this came up in your mind, I'm sure you will do well as time goes on. Hoping for the best!
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    SHIP-BUILDING MASTERCLASS | Galactic Shipwright - First Look!

    And that's why I like trying out Indie games. You never know what creative and entertaining pieces of art people make unless you see them, and if they're videogames, try them.