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bryan giuffre

Your name/Bryan

Where are you from?: new jersey

How did you find TubeBuddy!? a friend told me about it after he has gotten over 2k subs from the help of tubebuddy

What is your favorite TubeBuddy tool?: my favorite tubebuddy tool is the keyword search tool and the tag tool

What made you join our forums?: I joined the forums because i wanted to be part of the community more.

Why did you start YouTube? I started YouTube because i wanted to make content for people and make people happy and so i can earn the YouTube creator awards/YouTube play button

What kind of channel do you run?: I run a gamming channel and a drifting games and car edit and meme channel

How frequently do you upload?: I upload all the time multiple times a day if i get the chance but i upload on a regular basis

What are your hobbies?: play with my logitech g29 racing wheel drifting with it and riding longboards

What is your biggest dream? My biggest dream is to receive the gold YouTube play button
Sep 23, 2000 (Age: 23)
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