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Terms and rules

General Forum Protocol:

All messages posted on threads must be Family Friendly, all trolling, promotional, spam, racism, pornographic, sexual, illegal, or hate content is not allowed on TubeBuddy Forums.

Users who report all content which does not follow our rules are appreciated. They help staff with their roles on the forum and make the community a better place for everyone!

Mods/Admins reserve the rights to enforce these rules to each unique circumstance.

The Rules:

No Product or Service Advertising -Advertising and Soliciting other members to buy, sell, join a website, or view any products or services through this forum is strictly prohibited.

  • Personal Videos, YouTube Channels, and Social Media promotion is allowed, in this designated forum: Click here for promotion forums.

  • Promotion of your channel is only allowed in YOUR own Promotion thread and YOUR own collaboration thread.
  • Videos may be posted in other threads if it is not your own personal video, and only if it is relevant to discussion. HOWEVER, the Staff will always decide if its ok or not.
  • SUB 4 SUB/ PROMO 4 PROMO/ FAVOR 4 FAVOR/ ETC. Are not allowed at all on the forums. This will result in a warning, then if repeated a ban.
  • Content Feedback belongs in the Content Feedback section and must follow all rules stated: Click here for content feedback rules.

    No offensive language - Please keep the forums family friendly and refrain from using offensive language.

    One Account Per User - Each user gets one account any duplicate accounts, will be banned, and you will get a warning on your other account.

    Keep Posts Clean - Do not post anything that is obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, discriminatory, and/or otherwise violate any local or international laws. This includes links in your signature, forums, profile, posted images, and/or avatars.

    No Spam - Do not spam forums with one word or posts that make no sense other than to raise your post count or bump your thread..

    No Flaming - Do not post any messages that harass, insult, belittle, threaten or flame another user.

    No Trolling/ Inappropriate Behavior - Inappropriate behavior/ trolling is when a user tries to start arguments or upset other users, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, foul language, or off topic messages on our forums. Trolling of any kind is unacceptable.. This includes messages in profiles and signatures.

    No Begging/Recruitment - Do not ask for subscriptions or views on these forums. Forum posts are for meeting fellow users and being introduced to how the site works.

    No External Voice Groups/chats - Discords, Skype, Messenger Links, etc. are not allowed on the forums. We can't control the content of the conversations, so we don't allow it.

    Personal Messages (PMs) and conversations are for private talk between members.
    Abusing it for self promotion of channel or videos is not allowed.
    Thread titles are also subject to rules.